Success is a journey, not a destination.

TOG's Squash Programs at different life stages


Learning a winning mindset in a sport like squash requires a high level of discipline and goal setting. Skills that benefits someone far beyond the walls of a squash court. The TOG mindset of Athletic Academic Achievement encourages scholars to apply the same effort and determination they demonstrate on court in the classroom and helps them become well rounded leaders in their communities.



TOG works towards Athletic Academic Achievement for the following life stages:



Squash has become a prestigious sport in the US’ higher education interscholastic competition. It is a varsity sport at numerous prominent colleges and university all over the US, who all recruit scholar athletes. The junior squash competition setting is the ideal place to yield results and get noticed if one aspires to be part of a College Squash Team.


TOG prepares players for this level of academic and athletic achievenment and guides them afterwards through their college career. Find out more about the recruiting process.


TOG Alumni, Harvard University '18 Seif Abou El Einen: 

"With TOG there's always a goal to look forward to. Squash is not just about hitting the ball, we get to learn and have fun at the same time, on and off the court. Every year we would set goals to achieve and we would work hard to achieve them. There was the sense that you can't really play squash unless you were doing well at school. TOG teaches you how to use squash as a tool for a better living."


With the increased success and prestige of college squash, more and more private schools have started offering squash as a team sport in the winter season. The success of the sport at this level is reflected in the thousands of participants who compete each year in the US Squash National High School and Middle School Team Championships. 


Having an impressive track record as a junior squash player can increase one’s chances to gain admission into such schools.  Alongside, the Varsity and Junior Varsity High School competition is an important scene that feeds into the college recruiting process.

TOG coaches at BB&N

TOG coaches players active in middle school and high school squash at TOG Academy outside school hours. During school hours in winter, Greg Crane is Varsity coaches at BB&N in Cambridge.

Aspiring juniors

Passion for the game of squash can start at an early age, and whether the children together with their parents have set out their ambitions or whether they just like to play, it is a great sport to participate in.  

Once players are mastering the basic skills, we prepare them for and guide them through the US Junior tournament scene.


Boys and girls play in separate divisions based on their age group: Under-11, Under-13, Under-15, Under-17 and Under-19 and can go through different tournament level stages, from Bronze, to Silver, over Gold to the very highest level of JCT tournaments.

TOG guides players who aspire to achieve their full potential and has programs for all levels, from working on the basics to working to reach the very top level in their age division.


Just like with academic education, athletic development will be more successful if you start at a young age with the correct basics. That is exactly what we want to achieve with our TOGGLERS. Aged between 5 and 10, we teach them the right basic skills and attitude which will allow them to improve faster when their bodies grow and get stronger during adolescence.