Athletic Academic Achievement takes endless dedication, determination, devotion, drive, and discipline, from both student and instructor. In today’s world, investing in academics and athletics is imperative for successful high school and college placement.  TOG is a full service athletic and academic academy, aiding players and their families in navigating their way from becoming acquainted with the sport to progressing through varsity and US junior ranks and, ultimately, to securing admission to a high school, college or university of choice.


It is our objective to help each player be the best that he or she can be, both on and off the court, by integrating excellence in academics with the disciplined teaching of squash. TOG’s philosophy since inception has been consistently built around the importance of academic achievement in conjunction with athletic achievement for the development of strong young leaders.

TOG 365

TOG offers year-round training programs created and perfected by TOG founder Nadeem Osman, former TOG Alum and Trinity player, Greg Crane and World Champion Coach Karim Shohayeb, coach to Nour el Sherbini. Programs are designed to fit the individual goals of all college-seeking players, high-schools, collegians and professional level players.  These programs are taught by elite instructors with years of collegiate and professional experience.


Training Sessions and private instruction are available at locations all over the New England area, allowing the scholar-athlete less travel and more time on Athletic Academic Achievement!


Since 2007, TOG has hosted professional, fun safe squash camps in various areas of the United States and across Europe and Asia. Our camps provide our participants with unique and educational experiences that positively impact their squash and personal lives.

In past years we have successfully organized international camps in Italy, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Portugal, China, Hong Kong and Korea.


Nationally, we offer training in Boston, Deerfield, Nantucket, Newport, Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod.

We sincerely look forward to playing a part in the future success of your squash career and your continued development as a scholar athlete.


TOG has developed a reputation amongst admission officers for shaping and recommending scholar-athletes that are able to excel in rigorous academic settings as well as perform in intense athletic competitions whilst maintaining a high standard of integrity and sportsmanship. TOG prides itself on finding the institution that will best match each athlete’s personality and goals and, therefore, guarantee long term success.

TOG has coached and assisted hundreds of players from over 10 countries who have all gone on to represent some of America’s most prestigious schools and colleges. Combined TOG athletes have won numerous international and national titles, including wins at prestigious tournaments such as the US Open, British Open, Scottish Open, Pioneer Cup, Dutch Open, Italian Open, and Portuguese Open. We encourage you to contact TOG today for an introductory lesson, we guarantee you will not be disappointed, only impressed with the drive and dedication of TOG’s knowledgeable Team.