TOG Squash Academy

TOG Squash is the brainchild of its founder Nadeem Osman.

Originally from South Africa, Nadeem was recruited by the Trinity College Men’s Squash Team.


He graduated with a degree in Computer Science Economics and played an integral role in four of their thirteen consecutive championship victories, the longest winning streak in the history of college sports.


Building on his own athletic and academic achievements, Nadeem was inspired to create an environment which would provide services and support for young scholar-athletes determined to excel in school and sport.

Athletic Academic Achievement

TOG's vision is an academy which is 100% focused on the day-to-day development of the individual scholar-athlete.  Students train at state of the art facilities, receive international standard coaching, and are recruited to some of Americas best high schools, colleges and universities. 


The result? TOG has recruited over the last years more than 110 players to some of the best colleges in the US. Numerous TOG players and alumni have captained their high school and college teams. TOG helps the scholar athlete to become a highly skilled, disciplined, motivated and good person. AT TOG, we call it 'Athletic Academic Achievement'. 

TOG proudly supports scholar-athletes from over 10 nations, and provides pathways which enable them to successfully navigate their way to outstanding athletic academic achievement.

Are you ready for your journey ?